Thursday, January 13, 2011

4 a.m. Tron Raves

Tron Legacy director Joe Kosinski: We met [Daft Punk] early on about three years ago, before there was any script, before there was the visual effects test. It was one of the first meetings of the project. I quickly realized that the guys and I had a good creative vibe. We wanted to create a classic film score that sounded like nothing else. We started on the music very early and built the soundtrack as we were writing the script and storyboarding and pre-visualizing the movie. I was very lucky to have tracks play on set while we were shooting. The film was edited when the music had been composed — there's a connection between the music and the visuals in this film [...]
Producer Sean Bailey: Here's a cool little anecdote. One night one of the cameras went down so we couldn't shoot for a couple hours. So there was this impromptu rave in theTron warehouse in the middle of the night with Daft Punk deejaying.
Joe Kosinski: Everyone was in costume!
Sean Bailey: We just had a dance party at four in the morning.

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