Monday, December 6, 2010

Top 5 Albums of the Year

Alright I know the year is not over yet and some albums have yet to be released, but right now these are my favorite albums of 2010.  Without further ado I will channel my inner John Cusack to present my first top 5 list:

Arcade Fire- The Suburbs:  You can find this album in my last post, which is what actually inspired me to create this list because The Suburbs is such an amazing album.  If you didn't read the last post, go back and download this album immediately.

The Chemical Brothers- Further:  Ed and Tim are back with this one.  I would compare Further to Robot Rock in terms that it is repetitive and not necessarily as good as the classic albums such as Exit Planet Dust and Dig Your Own Hole, but it still quality. Check out SnowEscape Velocity, and Dissolve.

LCD Soundsystem- This is Happening: Supposedly the last LCD Soundsystem album as James Murphy has stated that he wishes to no longer create music under the LCD Soundsystem moniker.  If this is true, then what a shame for music.  Like Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem has  only released 3 albums, but each has been a significant contribution to music.  While my personal favorite All My Friends is not on this album, this is the best LCD Soundsystem album from top to bottom.  Way to go out with a bang James.

The Black Keys- Brothers:  The Black Keys are blowing up this year and I have heard them on about 3 different commercials (which I have mixed feelings about).  While in my opinion Brothers is not as good as Chulahoma, Thickfreakness, of Rubber Factory, it is still a great album and probably one of their more accessible albums.  Case in point Everlasting Light (Brothers) vs. Thickfreakness (Thickfreakness).

Fang Island- Fang Island:  I posted this album a few months ago and I still find myself enjoying this album

Honorable Mention:

Daft Punk-Tron Legacy Soundtrack:  I'll be honest, I have only listened to it once and I wasn't blown away,  but  I am just excited that they have put out some new music.  Plus, it's not even available yet, I'll throw it up here tomorrow, but I have to get back to this paper.


  1. this is a good list. I would have to puy Kanye's album in mine because it is too good. I also listened to the TRON soundtrack and thought it was great for what it was. I cannot wait to see the film. Transference by spoon should be talked about too..

  2. "don't think" off further is awesome