Monday, February 14, 2011

New Radiohead Album Being Releases this Saturday

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  1. king of limbs is absolutely genius. i think im on my 20th time through it and it is still getting better. radiohead has seemed to have mastered themselves here. with so many elements of past albums included, however with a completely new sound.

    the percussion and bass drive the songs so well here, freeing up jonny greenwood to do whatever he wants. although i would have liked to have seen a little more guitar out of jonny greenwood, his picking and underlying tones are great. thom yorke's voice has never sounded this good and unique.

    the fact that it was only 8 tracks (37 mins) was a little dissapointing seeming as how it has been 4 years, however with radiohead, you will take anything they give you. With that, there are theories and speculations that a second half could be dropped at some point because of the title of the last song (separator) and with the repeated lyric in it saying "if you think it's over, then you're wrong"

    this album is all i can listen to right now and i love it. if it didn't hit you yet, give it more listens, you will.

    a band that truly makes music for themselves.