Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl Commercials

I wasn't totally blown away by this years crop of Super Bowl commercials but here were some of my favorites.

I really liked the idea for this commercial, but two things brought down this commercial. First of all, I am not ever going to get excited about Chrysler, sorry, just not going to happen. If this was a Mustang or Corvette, then maybe. Secondly, you have Eminem being overly dramatic as he always is trying to be when he is put into some sort of serious situation on film. You just tried to sell me Brisk in a claymation commercial about 30 minutes before this, do you really think I am going to take you seriously?

This commercial has been getting a lot of buzz and deservedly so. It is simple, hilarious, and provides common ground for pretty much anyone (Star Wars). There is absolutely no monologue or dialogue in the entire commercial and it still works. This was probably my favorite commercial from the Super Bowl.

I like this NFL commercial mainly because of the fact that I am a pop culture savant. It was fun to see the NFL choose so many iconic shows that also had a strong identity tied to the place in which they were set.

Come to think of it, there is nothing really great about this commercial. I just really like most of Budweiser's ads. Plus it combines two of my favorite movies; the main character is the blonde hitman that works with Stever Buschemi in Fargo and the commercial ends with the whole bar singing Tiny Dancer a la Stillwater on their tour bus in Almost Famous.

Self explanatory.

Also self explanatory.

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