Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pearl Jam- Ten 20th Anniversary Festival

Pearl Jam will be playing a 20th Anniversary "Festival" at Alpine Valley on Labor Day Weekend.  2 Day Event. Expect the announcement soon. I hope to see you there Claire Stevenson.


  1. could not be more excited for this. also loved the james murphy quote, music fans everywhere should have that mindset.

    ideas for headliners for PJ20?

  2. I would assume that it is just Pearl Jam. It sounds like it is not so much of a festival as just a 2 night stand at Alpine.

  3. Jeff says:

    "I think the band really needs to sit down together and kind of get the overall vision of what we want it to be. I think we’ve all agreed so far that we would love to include a half-dozen of our friends that have bands that we love to collaborate with, and more of a community type of festival. I think we’ve reached out to a bunch of those guys, and hopefully that’ll be the vibe of the show."