Sunday, August 29, 2010


If I were to ask someone my age to name the best bands to come from Great Britain they would probably spout off some of the greats such as The Beatles, Zeppelin, or The Stones then they would probably move on to bands from our generation, Oasis and Radiohead (dare i say Spice Girls?).  Not many would say Blur (the band that sings Song 2).  Blur was part of a resurgence of Brit-pop/rock that emerged during the 90's.  The Verve, Blur, Oasis, and Radiohead all emerged from Britain in the early to mid 90's with some amazing music.  It really is astounding the amount of great music that Britain produced in such a short span, not to mention artists such as The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Paul Oakenfold, and John Digweed.  You could make an argument that if you ignored grunge, British bands owned 90's music.  Blur is overlooked when it comes to this great time in music as Oasis and Radiohead still get most of the airplay on the radio.  Parklife is their crowning achievement.

Boys and Girls from Parklife

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  1. blur is great because damon albarn is an absolute genius. damon albarn is the mind behind the gorillaz. the gorillaz new tour is going to be great. they are calling it the plastic beach tour and supposedly snoop dogg comes out to sing on songs and also to sing clint eastwood. needless to say im buying my ticket for when they come to chicago on october 16th at uic pavillion.