Sunday, August 29, 2010

Intergalactic Planetary Remix (Gentlemen Thieves)

The Beastie Boys are three coked up Jewish guys from Brooklyn that started as a punk band.  Given their start in music it's interesting that they would go on to become one of the greatest rap artists/groups of all time.  I personally think they made the best rap album of all time in Paul's Boutique (with a little help from the Dust Brothers, well actually a lot of help from the Dust Brothers).  With Licensed to Ill they introduced themselves as the corny white kids that could pump out some hits you would expect to hear at a high school house party a la Tone Loc.  In a genius move they had The Dust Brothers (who actually produced an album for Tone Loc) produce their second album, Paul's Boutique.  The album was a flop commercially but has been critically acclaimed ever since its release.  Chuck D said that the "dirty secret" of the black rap community was that Paul's Boutique had the best beats around.  It was a landmark for both The Beastie Boys and The Dust Brothers as the former went on to pump out hits throughout the 90's and 00's, while the Dust Brothers went on to produce albums for the likes of Beck, Tenacious D, and the score for Fight Club.

Anyway, here is a great remix by Gentlemen's Thieves of the Beastie's classic Intergalactic Planetary. I couldn't get the video to embed so here's a link  Intergalactic Planetary (Gentlemen's Thieves)

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