Saturday, September 25, 2010

Movie Soundtracks

I love movies almost as much as I love music and part of what makes great movies so good is the music that is set to the best scenes in the movie.  The jury is still out for me on whether or not a score or a carefully crafted soundtrack are the way to go with a movie, but i enjoy either if they are quality.  Here are some of my favorite songs used in movies.

ELO-Showdown (Kingpin)

Bob Dylan- The Man in Me (The Big Lebowski)- sorry this is a shitty live version, the studio version used in the film is not up on YouTube

Kenny Rogers- Just Dropped In (The Big Lebowski)

KC and the Sunshine Band- Boogie Shoes (Boogie Nights)

Tom Jones- You Can Leave Your Hat On (The Full Monty)

Hot Chocolate- You Sexy Thing (The Full Monty)

The Champs- Tequila (The Sandlot)

The Band- The Weight (Easy Rider)-  this version is from The Last Waltz and the only version I will listen to now, when you hear it you will understand why I only listen to this version.

Zero 7- In the Waiting Line (Garden State)

Sigur Ros- Staralfur (The Life Aquatic)

Dusty Springfield- Son of a Preacher Man (Pulp Fiction)

Aerosmith- Sweet Emotion (Dazed and Confused)-  I will argue to my death that Aerosmith is a shitty, overrated band, but the combination of the first 10 seconds of this song and Kevin Pickford rolling into Lee HS parking lot in his Grand Am combine to make this the best opening scene to a movie ever.

Richard Wagner- Ride of the Valkyries (Apocalypse Now)- Charlie don't surf!

Smokey Robinson and The Miracles- Tracks of My Tears (Platoon)

The Rascals- Good Lovin (The Big Chill)

The Rolling Stones- Can't You Hear Me Knocking? (Blow)

Elton John- Tiny Dancer (Almost Famous)

Underworld- Born Slippy (Trainspotting)

Q Lazarus- Goodbye Horses (Silence of the Lambs)

Peter Gabriel- In Your Eyes (Say Anything)

Wayne Newton- Danke Schoen (Ferris Bueller's Day Off)

Phil Collins- Sussidio (American Psycho)

The Beta Band- Dry The Rain (High Fidelity)

Groove Armada and Richie Havens- Hands of Time (Collateral)

Kenny Loggins- Danger Zone (Top Gun)- Kenny Loggins was created to write perfect songs for movie soundtracks.

Joe Espositio- You're The Best (Karate Kid)- Johnny, sweep the leg.

Dueling Banjos (Deliverance)- Truly a WTF scene in a WTF movie.  Be careful in Appalachia folks.

Chuck Berry- You Never Can Tell (Pulp Fiction)

Steelers Wheel- Stuck in the Middle With You (Reservoir Dogs) - C'mon, you didn't think I was going to leave this off, did you?

EDIT:  Gary Jules- Mad World (Donnie Darko) I can't believe I forgot this gem.

and to Tim who commented on this post, you are right, "Where is My Mind" in Fight Club is a great song in a great movie.  I was just posting my personal favorite uses of songs in movies.  This was probably my longest post thus far, I could have given you guys about 30 more songs, but I had to cut it off somewhere.

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  1. only thing you forgot was where is my mind by the pixies. the best song to one of the best movies ive ever seen (fight club)