Monday, September 13, 2010

The Chemical Brothers- Dig Your Own Hole

Since this is primarily an electronic music blog (hence the name), I thought that I would put up an duo that has been hugely influential and popular in the electronic music scene.  The Chemical Brothers are Tom Rowlands and Ed Simmons and they hail from England.  They started working together in the early 90's and went by The Dust Brothers.  They eventually changed their name to The Chemical Brothers due to a lawsuit from the other Dust Brothers (the guys who produced Paul's Boutique).  Anyways, they released their first album, Exit Planet Dust, in '95 and followed up with a masterpiece in Dig Your Own Hole.  Not much to say about this album really than in some places its smooth and funky like in Lost in The K-Hole, others songs on the album they can be high energy and in your face like their Big Beat counterparts The Prodigy, such as Block Rockin Beats, and with some songs their can showcase their melodic and tender mixing skills like in Where Do I Begin? (if you have seen Vanilla Sky, you'll recognize it).  All in all, this album is classic for anyone who loves the music of the 90's or electronic music in general.

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